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This will be an on going note
Started March,2014
updated May, 2014

Gringo Don's short thoughts

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   (1)-Violence is like a virus. And just like a virus, if you make no attempt to stop it, then it can continue and, grow? "Darwin’s theory"
    If you do not stop attacking others, then Human aggressive violence is not going to stop!(you will never ever! be able to live in a peaceful community,world,etc).
Humans have such a hard time learning this.
"What kind of a world do you want? History starts now."(FFF)

   (1b)-Violence has genetic roots and genetics is an interactive game. Come on mankind, think a little about that.

   (2)-Mankind has been on this world for .2million years out of 4,500million (give or take a few million) and he still has not dealt with solving the violence thing. Its easy, DO NOT ATTACK OTHERS!
We only have to do one little thing. That is all,"poofff" its gone. Do not support it in any way, and "poofff" its gone.

   (3)-What an opportunity we have as a species "being able to experience consciousness". I am in awe at the experience.

   (4)-Our Justice system is like Al-kida (Al-Qaeda), If you do not do things there way, they will kill you! And call it justifiable.

   (4b)-The rule of law does not mean you deliberately harm! Do not attack others!

   (4c)-Every time our Justice System uses our laws in a harmful and/or destructive way, we all lose. And why we have so many people currently supporting this is beyond me.

   (4d)-If something is illegal then there needs to be a clear and decisive reason why.

   (5)-We all have the wonderful opportunity to experience life for a very short time. Time began long before we existed and will continue long after we are gone. We enter into this world with nothing, and we will leave with nothing. Within our short window of existence, we will have the unique opportunity of life's experiences. Love and kindness are amongst the most wonderful. Defending your family or yourself maybe the most trying.
    There are so many wonders within our reality of life to learn, understand, marvel at and enjoy. We as a life form have more knowledge to learn than we can ever learn. All of mankind collectively knows less than a needle in a hay stack of all knowledge. It is all so daunting. Enjoy!

   (6)-Life is a one way trip in which there is no return. Enjoy it without harming others.

   (7)-Modern science is so primitive compared to nature.

   (8)-Mankind spends so much energy on creating Violence. Now if we stop wanting to attack others,,, that would end, what, 80% of the violence? More?
Well anyway a lot. Now, lets take that energy we just saved and use it for good. You remember good, right? "Good" will never include "attacking others!" So much energy wasted ,,, wow, and as a side benefit Mankind will Flourish.


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